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Thank you for your interest in Carroll Equine, LLC.  We are new to the industry having been founded in 2022 by married couple Andrew and April Carroll.  The Carroll’s have been in the business of supplying manufactured metal components to the construction equipment industry for years and have global manufacturing operations at their disposal.  Horses are a very serious family passion and reining is the discipline of choice. 

It started with a concern for their mare, wearing slide plates, backing out of a step trailer in the wet and snowy conditions of Ohio.  Seeing her hind feet slip under the back of the trailer, the potential to injure her legs became a major concern.  The Carroll’s used blankets and other ground mats to keep her safe, but the idea for an attachable traction boot was born.  Utilizing Andrew’s background as a mechanical engineer, Carroll Equine has since developed those boots, known as the GEN2 Reiner.   The GEN2 Reiners are easy to attach using a hook and loop fastening method.  They are only intended to keep your horse safe while transporting them in hand.  Carroll Equine took that a step further to allow for more rigorous activities by inventing bolt-on style boots.  The bolt-on style boots are made to bolt to metal horseshoes, allowing the rider to take them on and off as often as they like.  This gives horses that would ordinarily be limited to their stall when not being worked, the ability to be turned out to the pasture.

The couple has three sons, ages 21, 18, and 14 who all enjoy riding and showing horses.  Horses and this business are a family affair with each Carroll being involved.  The business has grown quickly from just offering the boots to providing other premium quality products.   

Improving the lives of horses and enhancing the human-to-horse relationship are central to the company’s values.  All of us at Carroll Equine are passionate about leveraging our knowledge of horses, design expertise, and global manufacturing connections to bring you the most premium of products for your performance horse. 

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