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Protect your reining/cow horse horse from slipping and being injured!

  • Will these boots fit my horse?
    The boots were designed specifically to fit a quarter horse wearing the most commonly sized slide plates. They will fit most quarter horse hooves and accommodate a horse hoof that is shod or barefoot. These boots are currently only offered in the one, fits most, size. They are designed to accommodate 115mm (4.5") wide hoof/slide plate. Length will not be a problem as they're made to accommodate slider plates and are open in the back. Actual length measurement of the inside of boot is 145mm (5.7") in length. They are designed to accommodate just about any 'style' of metal shoe a horse may be wearing. We offer a money back guarantee should you buy a pair and learn that they do not fit your horse. Please see our terms and conditions, as they specify boots need to be returned clean and unused. We have also included a basic drawing here for your reference. Depending upon demand, we foresee making other sizes to serve a broader range of horses as the business is able to sustain such growth.
  • Can I use these boots on front hooves?
    Unfortunately, No. You cannot use these boots on the front hooves. The reason for this is that your horse's hind hooves can step on the back of the front hooves and damage/destroy the boots worn on the front hooves. We learned this through experience! We would suggest that a more enclosed boot for the front hooves along with our boots worn on the hind hooves may be a great combination. We are working on developing solutions for the front hooves.
  • Can I ride my horse in these boots?
    We believe the answer to this question is, yes. However, they were not initially designed with this in mind as a requirement. The scope of the design is to protect horses wearing slide plates on their rear hooves during in-hand transporting across synthetic surfaces. We encourage you to give them a try and share your lessons learned with us; but do so carefully! Please understand that we cannot guarantee product against damage caused by riding.
  • Will these boots work in snow and ice?
    They will certainly work much better than your horse's metal shoes. However, the answer to this question is not easy. Please consider that these boots will work about as well as your winter boots work in similar conditions.
  • Can I turn my horse out in these?
    Yes. However, we have not performed extensive testing on this, and all horses behave differently. Supervised turnout is highly advised. After several periods of supervised turnout, perhaps unsupervised turnout for short durations would be fine. In no event would we turn a horse out overnight or for multiple days in these boots.
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