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These patent pending boots are sold as a kit including two rubber boot soles that contain an inserted metal plate, and the required fasteners.  The kit also includes the drills and tap required for installation. The intent of this product is for the farrier to match these with any metal shoes your horse wears. The farrier will need to drill and tap holes per our provided instructions. Then the user can attach and/or remove the rubber soles on an as needed basis for everyday usage as desired. This product should dramatically enhance the life of a reining, cow, racing, hunter/jumper, and other specialty performance horses by enabling them to experience trail riding and turnout safely. The rubber boot soles feature an open bottom designed to allow the bottom of the hoof to breath and remain open to the natural environment.  Encapsulated in the rubber sole is a metal plate which provides rigidity protecting the hoof from stresses caused by uneven or rocky surfaces. These boots are made to fit any horseshoe. The farrier will likely need to cut the back portion of the boot soles shorter for use on front hooves. Product life is variable based on usage, but horses should be able to wear a pair for a complete 6 to 8 week farrier cycle.   We will issue full refunds for returns that do not fit provided the product comes back to us in clean and like new condition. See our Shipping and Return page for details.

Bolt-On Horse Boots - patent pending

SKU : BLT001
  • Satisfied customers drive our business.  Returns will be accepted if your item is unused, in the original packaging, and in the same condition that you received it.​

    Items that are used or damaged may be denied a refund or exchange.​

    Original shipping charges incurred on your purchase aren’t refundable as part of your return or exchange.

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