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Protect your horse from slipping and being injured!

For Immediate Release: February 22, 2023

We have been silent for a while as we went back to the drawing board working on product enhancements.  The launch of our GEN2 Reining Boot is very close.  Our pilot production models are made and undergoing testing as we speak.  We should have them available for purchase starting in May.  We would have loved to have had this product available sooner, but getting everything right was more important than rushing to market.

The GEN2 Reining Boot is specifically designed and intended for keeping your horse safe during transport.  They are available in one size and will fit the vast majority of horses wearing slide plates.  These boots are not intended for use beyond transporting a horse in-hand and/or while in the trailer. 

We have a new Bolt-On Boot design that we are building tooling for now.  This patented innovation allows horse owners to attach rubber boots to the bottom of their horse’s metal shoes and will provide traction for all sorts of applications including trail riding and turnout.  These Bolt-On Boots will work with just about any horseshoe, front or back, and will require collaboration with your farrier during your routine farrier visits.  We believe farriers are going to love them, as ours certainly does!  These boots will be able to be installed and uninstalled routinely as desired by the owner.  We ran trials by utilizing our GEN1 Reining Boots and modifying them to accommodate a Bolt-On fastening method.  Preliminary results gave us confidence that with a few changes, this can be an amazing new product.  We expect to begin a second round of prototype testing in May.  Availability to the public is largely dependent upon our test results, but it should be no later than end of summer.  Please stay tuned to our website and social media pages for additional information.

Kind Regards,

Andy & April Carroll

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