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Bolt-On Horse Boots - patent pending


Sold as a pair - includes two rubber boot soles, instructions, drills, taps, and fasteners

These rubber boot soles are made to bolt on and off of the metal shoes that are nailed to your horses' hoof

Once your farrier handles initial installation, you can put them on and take them off as often as you desire

Currently available in one size - matched to fit a size 12 slide plate but can be used with other sizes - Farrier can cut them down to fit as desired

Bottom of soles has pocketed areas allowing the farrier to determine the best hole location scheme for your particular horses' metal shoes - this allows this currently available one size to accommodate many different horses.

Materials - mild steel insert with chemically bonded, injection molded rubber over-mold

Tread pattern on bottom of boot soles specifically designed for traction

This is a consumable item, no differently than a car tire, and horses are abusive.  Product should last a complete farrier cycle of 24/7 use.  If you're only using the boots for short periods, you may get longer use from them.

Potential Uses: designed specifically to pair with slide plates worn by reiners and cow horses.  The aforementioned slide plates are worn on hind hooves only.  However, the boot soles, with some modification by the farrier, can be paired with front hooves and can serve many other disciplines.  We are in the process of developing other sizes.  Contact us to discuss your specific interests.

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